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How We Got Here


I began this business with one little sugar cookie! 

Baking is what I love most, being in the kitchen with the smell of a freshly baked batch of goodies is what makes my heart skip a beat.

I've always enjoyed baking since before I could remember. I will find any excuse to whip up something sweet because my life motto is 'Dessert goes to the heart not the stomach' and nothing gets me more excited than the smile on someone's face when they are enjoying something I have made, it honestly warms my heart.

If you tell me how much you love or enjoyed something and I shriek "EHHHHHHH", that's me jumping with excitement & literally doing a little happy dance!

I've spent the last 5 years as a travel agent so turning people dreams into a reality is what I do best but Covid had other plans for us all and I'm now here full time, so here's my eating hobby turned into a career.

I do almost everything on my own, but I have recently recruited my amazing partner (he really had no choice) to help me keep up with it all. He is by my side during every late night & early morning and together we put all our love, heart & soul into every single box that goes out our front door and arrives at yours! 

We cant wait to continue spreading smiles & making you fat with our goodies!

Love Chan & Nath Xx

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